Pretentious Bio:
Mercury Radio Theater combines exotica-punk, bizarre radio plays, and iconic animations to the joy of audiences far and wide. Their spectacle often draws from love, loss, and alienation using classic science fiction themes. Mercury Radio Theater takes old world gypsy melodies, injects the strange instrumentation of a group of north philly side-walk sale refugees, and slathers on a glaze of dance hall punk, to dazzle audiences with a show that will ultimately result in a migraine of catchy songs and red raw vocal cords from shout choruses. The grand experiment first began 14 years ago as a small three piece outfit and has since grown into a colossal nine piece orchestra that thrills drunken rabbler-rousers with a danceable oeuvre.

The current series, “The Fabulous Red Menace,” is a rock experience for the working class. Eastern European propaganda and down-home, God fearin’ religiosity combine to showcase an American Dreamer slipping slowly into the melting pot of madness. Watch the ensemble wrap their collective lips around Big Industry’s enormous whistle. Join the cause and witness the spectacle. It’ll be a dystopian display of epic proportions.




  1. Tim Ewing · April 21, 2015

    I was the first to play them on the radio and do an interview with them. I can’t believe how far they have come! Incredible musicians, even more amazing people.

  2. Eric · December 17, 2020

    I saw them in 2003 in CT when they were starting out as basically children, wearing matching suits and playing at a VFW. I think I lost the story book about the undead boy but I’m glad to see their still going strong!

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