you need to pay for this crypt you need to pay for this crypt

Mercury Radio Theater

Sponsor a Zombie -- a project of epic, brain-eating proportions.

What's in the sponsorship pack?

Zombie Care Package
A picture and letter from your zombie
SPAZ T-Shirt
Honor the object of your infection
Bumper Stickers
Use them to make people angry
A picture of the awesome crap you get when you Sponsor YOUR Zombie. Mmmm, Zombie.
Sponsor-A-Zombie EP
  1. Dejected, Adj.
  2. Are you Adequately Prepared to Rock!
  3. Evil con Carne
  4. The Hypno Eye
  5. Onward Zombie Soldiers
  6. Spare Parts
  7. It came from down south
  8. Joe spilt his beer